All Asthma Drugs have side effects, if you want to minimize the potential harm from asthma medication for yourself or your child learn the Buteyko Method. (Up to 90% reduction in reliever medication & up to 50% reduction in preventer medication. From clinical trials.)

Do you want to safely reduce your need for asthma medication?

Do you want to know more about the Buteyko Method?

I have been teaching hundreds of asthma patients the Buteyko Method for over fifteen years, they all have been able to reduce their medication safely and improve their quality of life in many ways.

One of the barriers for people to take this journey to better asthma management is that the training comes at a price and we are all used to the NHS providing our healthcare free of charge, well not really, because we all have contributed to this service through taxation and National Health Insurance payments. It has frustrated me that many more have not been able to take advantage of this remarkable aid to asthma management, so this year I launched a free training course as a podcast with fifteen episodes that people can listen to on their computer, their mobile phones or tablets. It will give all the essential information anyone will need but I must say the success rate will be higher if people take my Skype Course or the 1-2-1 courses I run in Hawkurst, Kent simply because of the individual attention these other courses offer students.

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Let AsthmaCareKent teach you, in just five days, how to improve your breathing with the clinically proven Buteyko Method

Dedicated to improving the management of asthma with clinically proven training methods and lifestyle advice. Caution: You may need medical help or emergency care with an asthma attack, information here is a guide to help you decide but if in doubt get medical advice if you feel at all anxious about your condition.



This is a fifteen episode podcast training programme based on the Buteyko Method

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