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Over five million people in the UK are diagnosed with asthma and with over 1200 asthma deaths every year, asthma is a major health problem that is getting progressively worse. Although asthma is better managed today than a generation ago the fact is that most asthmatics would prefer to take more control of the condition themselves rather than use increasing quantities of drugs with their recognized adverse side-effects.

It is my firm conviction that if the underlying problem causing asthma were addressed by the NHS there would be a rapid decline in asthma cases, fewer deaths and patients with asthma would need less medication and enjoy a far better quality of life. I hope that this site, by presenting all the clinical research and information about this therapeutic method, will raise the awareness amongst asthma sufferers and their families that they can learn to help themselves manage their asthma better. .

Michael Lingard BSc DO BIBH Buteyko Practitioner


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