Skype Distant Training Course £150

The Skype Buteyko Training Course is given on a 1-2-1 basis over five half hour Skype Sessions, the following is a guide to what you will learn in a course. There may be variations on content and timing depending on the client’s needs. We aim to improve your breathing, reducing chronic hidden hyperventilation and raising your Control Pause (the Buteyko measure of your breathing) by the end of the course. This will ensure your symptoms reduce and you regain better health. Our Skype name is “BUTEYKOMIKE”
Once we have received your completed registration form & course fee you can begin. Three month’s follow-up support & monitoring is usually essential to break what is essentially a lifetime’s bad breathing habit, you can discuss this with us in Part Five of the course.

 1.1 Assessment and brief overview of the Buteyko Method
 1.2 Check your breathing using the breath-hold test, the Control Pause (CP)
 1.3 The significance of nose breathing 24 hour nasal breathing, even during sleep!.
 1.4 The nose clearing exercises.

 2.1 Introduction to Dr Buteyko’s Method- clinical trials and benefits. How to reach a 40sec. CP
 2.2 Note your breathing pattern and the effect on the breathing of correct posture
 2.3 Learn and practice relaxation & reduced breathing.
 2.4 Your medication you are taking – the potential for safe reduction.
 2.5 Start your exercises with CP, Pulse,RB (relaxed /reduced breathing) 
 2.6 Food and its effect on your breathing, food allergies/intolerances.

 3.1 Practice and modification of the exercises to work for you The Mini Pause.
 3.2 Learn the Reduced Breathing and Extended Pause exercises
 3.3 The effects of stress - Signs of Stress - The ‘fight or flight’ response – and CHVS.
 3.4 The difference between normal breathing and CHVS, disorders CHVS produces - how Buteyko reduces your symptoms
 3.5 Early warning sign of an asthma, panic or HV attack, the difference, how to overcome attacks
 3.6 The Anti-hyperventilation Exercises
  4.1 Assessing your progress – we check your results to make sure you are practising correctly.
  4.2 You learn how to “Talk like the queen” to avoid mouth breathing when talking.
  4.3 How to recognize clearing symptoms - managing ‘flu, chest infections, etc.
  4.4 Changing lifestyle habits to improve your health.

  5.1 Review of your progress so far.
  5.2 When you are ill, advice on taking better care of yourself for faster recovery.
  5.3 Physical exercise, making it safe, an essential element for progress.
  5.4 Looking ahead, reducing your Buteyko exercises, stopping taping, incorporating the Buteyko Method into your daily life.
  5.5 Final assessment and your personalized plan for the future including a follow-up programme.

Follow-up programme:
We commit to giving you as much personal attention as you need to help you achieve your personal health goals.

You may complete the Registration Form & Course Booking Form below & return it
by e-mail or by post to:
Mr M.Lingard, TotalHealthMatters, St Bridgets, Rye Road, Hawkhurst, Kent  TN18 5DA 

Contact: Michael Lingard +44(0)1580 752 852              Email: lingard@ohsoeasy.net

     TotalHealthMatters!   St. Bridgets, Rye Road, Hawkhurst, Kent TN18 5DA

The Breath Connection Student Training (Three 2 Hour Sessions)

Part One: £75pp (Group) £95 1-2-1

1.Welcome & introduction. Check Registration Form & give out Workbook and STM 1 and 2
2. Brief overview of relationship between Stress, Hyperventilation and Symptoms: The Vicious Circle Diagram
3. Run Video “Hyperventilation 21st Century Epidemic”
4. Run PPP Modules 3 and 4
5. Do first exercise: CP Pulse RB (3 min) CP RB(2min) Rest (1min) CP Pulse
6. Discuss Nose Clearing Exercises & reason for nose breathing
7. Take five min. relaxed breathing while observing the student’s breathing patterns, respiratory rate, posture etc.
8. Explanation of the Control Pause & common errors to be avoided.
9. Do second exercise in workbook
10. Prepare & give out Training Plans
11. Q & A

Part Two: £75pp (Group) £95 1-2-1

1. Review of progress, deal with any problems arising: taping, sleeping, relaxation, medication etc.
2. Do full exercise in workbook
3. Run PP Modules 5 & 6
4. Review Hyperventilation Exercises.
5. Review Mini Pause.
6. Talking Like The Queen
7. Give out STM 3 & 4
8. Advice on physical exercise to improve breathing.
9. What are the limits of better breathing.
10. The longer term plans for breathing improvement and your health

Part Three: £75pp (Group) £95 1-2-1

1. Recap on training covered so far, graph results and give out STM 5 & 6.
2. Do full exercise in workbook.
3. Deal with questions arising.
4. Warning signs & “sealing the leaks” recap.
5. Medication and your breathing.
6. When to stop taping
7. When to stop doing training exercises
8. Diet and breathing. Run 4LeafSurvey
9. Complete end of course questionnaire.
10 Future contact & follow-up in 6/12 months.

Continuing Support & Monitoring £75 (3 months)
To ensure good progress and to establish long term good breathing habits a minimum of three months monitoring is usually needed, during this time your Buteyko Educator will be available to help with any problems you may have and provide personal on-going support by phone or email.
Optional Further Support & Monitoring (@ £25 per month)
Some students may want to have continuing support and monitoring beyond three months; they can choose to extend this support for a further three, six or twelve months depending on how well they are progressing or how well they feel they can manage on their own. Discuss this with your Educator.

Contact: Michael Lingard +44(0)1580 752 852              Email: lingard@ohsoeasy.net
TotalHealthMatters!   St. Bridgets, Rye Road, Hawkhurst, Kent TN18 5DA

    New Format Training Course Booking & Registration Form

Forename_________________ Surname_______________________ Date of birth_______________

e-mail address:_____________________________________________ Date___________ ________


_______________________Postal code_______________ Phone number: _____________________

Telephone number:________________________ Mobile number:_____________________________

Skype name:   ___________________________ Medical practitioner___________________________

Your Condition (eg. asthma, emphysema)_______________________________Degree eg, mild)_____________
Age originally diagnosed_______ Regularity of attacks or problem______________________________________
Have you ever suffered from any of the following conditions?

Heart problems


High blood pressure


Low blood pressure


High cholesterol






Kidney disease


Underactive thyroid




Overactive thyroid










Fluid retension


Panic attacks




Brain damage/trauma


Organ transplant


(Women) Are you pregnant?


What drugs are you allergic to? _________________________________________________________
What else besides drugs are you allergic to? _______________________________________________
Please list all the medication you are currently taking, or have taken in the last two months, whether related to breathing problems or not: _____________________________________________________
___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________

Symptoms before the course (Please tick appropriate box) A) Rarely/Never   B) Sometimes  C) Often   D) Very Often
















Shortness of breath





Mouth breathing





Tightness of chest





Frequent deep breaths





Lack of concentration















Ringing/buzzing in ears





Insomnia/restless sleep





Mental fatigue





Trembling & tics















Loss of feeling in limbs





Loss of smell





Fear without reason





Dryness of mouth















Deterioration of vision










Asthma attacks





Pains in heart region





Muscle pains





Dry skin/eczema





Painful/irregular periods





Loss of hearing





Rhinitis/hay fever





Prone to colds/flu etc.










Flashes before eyes





Shuddering in sleep





Pains in bones





Physical exhaustion





Chest pains





Digestive problems





Loss of memory





Sudden chilling of limbs





Frequent yawning





Breathing without pause










Bloated abdomen





Frequent sighing










Tingling/numb fingers feet






Course Booking Form
I understand that the Buteyko Breathing Reconditioning Program is a series of lectures and training. It
does not constitute medical treatment. Furthermore I the undersigned, agree to only modify prescribed medication after consulting with a medical doctor. I also agree that, as I am not a trained Buteyko Educator, I will not attempt to teach other people without written permission of my Buteyko trainer.








Skype Distant Learning Course with Three month’s Follow-up Support        £225                   
Payment by cash, credit/debit card or cheque payable to “Totalhealthmatters”

The Breath Connection Student Training 1-2-1 Full Training Course
(Including three months f/up support) £360 or 10% discount if paid at start £324
Group rate (2-5 students) £300pp or £270pp with early payment discount.                                                               
If the course participant is under 18 a parent or guardian must be sign.
A parent or guardian must accompany under 18ʼs at all times on the course.
Payment by cash, credit/debit card or cheque payable to “Totalhealthmatters”
Special reminder: Please do not eat a large meal just before you come to the classes, although eating a snack, if you want, is fine.

Contact: Michael Lingard +44(0)1580 752 852              Email: lingard@ohsoeasy.net

     TotalHealthMatters!   St. Bridgets, Rye Road, Hawkhurst, Kent TN18 5DA

What is Taught?
* Adults and children over five years of age are taught how to take better control of their condition naturally.
* Our therapy consists of the Buteyko Method and other lifestyle guidelines that have been proven to considerably reduce symptoms and often reduce dependency on medication.
* All medication is continued alongside our programme. After a number of weeks practice of exercises and upon improvement of symptoms, medication may be reduced only after consultation and recommended by a medical doctor.
* Buteyko Breathing Method with extensive practice and correction of breathing.
* Guidelines on diet, correct sleeping, physical exercise and sports for those with asthma.

Special exercises for children.
* Overcoming an asthma attack & all aspects of asthma management are addressed during our programme.
*Special attention to individual training needs for others with panic attacks, sleep apnoea, hypertension etc.

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