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* What is involved?
* Does AsthmaCareKent programme work for all asthmatics?
* What is AsthmaCareKent's refund guarantee?
* Are the results of this therapy permanent?
* Are Exercises difficult?
* What about my Doctor?
* What about sports and fitness while learning the AsthmaCareKent programme?
* Is there any equipment or additional medicine involved?
* Can it be dangerous?
* How long does it take to recondition the breathing?
* What are conditions of AsthmaCareKent?
* What is the cost of the AsthmaCareKent programme?
* Where is the AsthmaCareKent programme available?

* What is Capnography & how is the CapnoTrainer used to improve breathing?



What is involved?
Very simply, every asthmatic over breathes or suffers from chronic hidden hyperventilation, this combined with a genetic predisposition to “asthma” leads to the many symptoms and problems associated with asthma. The training given teaches how to take better control of breathing so that eventually old bad habits are replaced with good ones and breathing is returned to normal with the consequent reduction of the asthma symptoms and general improvement in health, energy, sleep and wellbeing. back to top

Does AsthmaCareKent programme work for all asthmatics?
If the asthmatic is motivated to do the necessary training and make an effort to change certain lifestyle habits every asthmatic will benefit from the Buteyko Method Course. Internationally Buteyko practitioners are so confident of this that most offer a full money back guarantee. It should be emphasised that this programme is not a “magic bullet” but relies on the efforts and determination of the individual to produce the best results. Since the “prize” won by the majority is an “asthma free life”, most asthmatics agree it is well worth the initial effort and perseverance.
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What is AsthmaCareKent’s refund guarantee?
AsthmaCareKent’s guarantee is that if, one month after attending our clinic, you do not experience a substantial improvement in your condition, you may attend a follow-up clinic at no extra charge. If, after attending this follow-up and practicing the breathing exercises for one month, you have not experienced a substantial improvement in your condition, you will receive a full refund on the cost of the programme.
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Are the results of this therapy permanent?
If by this you mean is this a cure for asthma the answer is no, as the fundamental concept underpinning the Buteyko Method is that asthma is a complex of symptoms and signs that arise from habitual chronic hidden hyperventilation in certain susceptible people. Thus the long-term benefits rely on the maintenance of normal breathing, something that most people find easy to do. The Buteyko Method also provides a valuable measuring tool, the Control Pause, that can be used to check breathing whenever necessary. Corrective action can then be taken to return breathing to normal with the exercises that have been taught.
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Are Exercises difficult?
Like all bad habits it does require some determination and enthusiasm to replace them with good habits but this is not difficult or stressful, indeed it may be said that the key to successfully doing the exercises is through relaxation. Although initially some people find relaxing “difficult” all eventually are successful. A common side effect of the Buteyko Method training reported by most people is that they feel “more calm and stress free”. back to top

What about my Doctor?
The Buteyko Method training essentially involves three participants for its successful outcome. Namely, the patient, well motivated and enthusiastic, the Buteyko practitioner as trainer to guide and support and the patient’s doctor or specialist to monitor progress and adjust any medication as clinically indicated. While ever the patient’s health, safety and wellbeing are accepted as the prime criteria this presents no problems. Patients are given a short booklet explaining the science and research underpinning the Buteyko Method for their doctor or asthma specialist’s information. “A Guide for Doctors”pdf

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What about sports and fitness while learning the AsthmaCareKent programme?
Physical exercise is a central component in the Buteyko Method training, patients are advised how to reduce the risk of an asthma attack when exercising, how to warm up and warm down safely and how to improve their exercise performance. It is noteworthy that many Olympic Athletes and world famous sports people have trained with Buteyko practitioners to raise their sporting standards, endurance and recovery.
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Is there any equipment or additional medicine involved?
No. Everyone has the capacity to improve their breathing themselves with the necessary guidance and training.
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Can it be dangerous?
Safety of the patient is paramount and so long as the patient follows the instructions of their Buteyko practitioner and their doctor the only effect on health risks is their reduction. The patient becomes more aware of how to take better control of their asthma, how to measure their condition from day to day and hence when to seek help from their doctor or asthma specialist in good time and as the need for medication is reduced there are fewer adverse side effects from the drugs used.
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How long does it take to recondition the breathing?
Positive benefits are usually experienced within the first few days of the course, most people have reduced their chronic hyperventilation by half by the end of the course. Children and young people respond far more quickly to the re-training as their bad breathing habits are not so deeply ingrained, often this group have achieved better breathing within a month or two. Adults and severe long-term asthma sufferers may require longer but the majority are enjoying the benefits within a month of completing the course, the fact that the most severe continue to improve month on month is the stimulus for their continued efforts.
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What are conditions of AsthmaCareKent?
Patients with AsthmaCareKent must remain on their prescribed medication. After a number of weeks application of the programme and upon substantial improvement in symptoms, patients attend their doctor to have a medical assessment and review of medication. Each patient with AsthmaCareKent sign a contract stating that they will not change or alter their medication without prior consultation and recommendation by a medical doctor. AsthmaCareKent is available to all persons over five years as exercises and guidelines are easy to follow and apply. All patients under eighteen years must be accompanied free of charge by a parent or guardian.
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What is the cost of the AsthmaCareKent programme?
The cost for the programme and training manual is £340 for adults and £240 for a child, additional family members are charged at the reduced rate of £100 A deposit of £50 per person is paid on booking and the balance paid on the fourth session. If the full payment is made at the start of the course there is a 10% reduction. It is hoped that no asthmatic should be excluded from this training through financial difficulties and therefore all efforts will be made to ensure requests for financial assistance will be met with a positive response. Extended periods of payment, special reductions and group rates are some of the options to be discussed.
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Where is the AsthmaCareKent programme available?
Hawkhurst is well placed to serve Kent, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Hastings, Cranbrook, Rye all being under 15 miles distant most courses are held at our purpose built clinic centre TotalhealthMatters! Free parking and easy access set in the heart of the Kentish countryside make it an ideal place for such a course.
Herons Ghyll between Crowborough & Uckfield is the second clinic where courses are held. The Hightree Medical Centre is a holistic centre that provides workshops & courses on the Buteyko Method. From time to time courses and workshops are held in other locations throughout Kent. Course can be arranged anywhere in Kent for small groups of five or more.
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What is the Capnography & how is the CapnoTrainer used to improve breathing?

The CapnoTrainer is a combination hardware-software system that provides for real-time computer displays of partial pressure carbon dioxide (PCO2) while breathing, both during the inhale and the exhale.  During the inhale the instrument reads effectively “zero,” as there is only a very small amount of CO2 in atmospheric air, about 0.3 mmHg (mm of mercury) as compared to a total atmospheric pressure of 760 mmHg (at sea level).  During the exhale it rises sharply to the average level of PCO2 in the alveoli (basic gas exchange units) of the lungs, rising very slowly during the transition from exhale to inhale (alveolar plateau), and eventually reaching a peak value immediately prior to the next inhale.  This peak value of PCO2 can be thought of as the “End of the Tide” of air, or ETCO2


This waveform is a capnogram. In a lung-healthy and cardiovascular-healthy people End Tidal CO2  (ETCO2) is generally equivalent to alveolar Partial pressure carbon dioxide (PCO2), which is itself equivalent to arterial Partial pressure carbon dioxide (PaCO2).  Low levels of PaCO2, a physiological condition known as hypocapnia, may trigger, cause, or exacerbate a wide variety of physical and mental symptoms. Hypocapnia is the consequence of overbreathing behaviour.  When your breathing behaviour results in PaCO2 levels below 35 mmHg, you are considered to be hypocapnic:  30-35 mmHg is mild to moderate, 25-30 mmHg is serious, and 20-25 mmHg is severe hypocapnia.  CapnoLearning™ is about learning breathing behaviours that improve PaCO2 chemistry (internal respiration).The CapnoTrainer® computer display presents the waveform, or capnogram, in various graphical and digital formats, which allows you to observe air flow where even minor shifts in breathing pattern can be observed, e.g., gasping.  It also presents live continuous updating of ETCO2 and breathing rate history graphs. We shall have high quality clinical evidence of the physiological changes arising from the Buteyko Method training that will support our demands for this therapy to be available in the NHS. back to top 

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