“Really helped to reduce my medication, feeling much better. Normally two to three attacks per week, since course have been able to overcome all attacks with Buteyko.”

William G. Iden Green, Kent

“My asthma was getting worse before the Buteyko course. I’ve been able to overcome most attacks, my energy has increased, my appetite lessened, I have less tension. My condition has greatly improved. I was slightly skeptical about the course but now I am a firm believer, it works!”
Lisa B. Sandhurst, Kent

“I began to notice the benefits within a matter of days. As an asthmatic, after seven days Buteyko has already changed my breathing, asthma, sleep and has reduced my appetite, it really does work!”
Daniel R. Bodiam, Kent

“No reliever used since start of course, happy to be able to breathe through the nose after so many years mouth breathing and my energy has increased.”
Nigel C. Hawkhurst, Kent

“I would thoroughly recommend the Buteyko technique to anyone wishing to be in better control of their asthma. Reduced use of Ventolin, prior to the course my condition was getting worse, now overcoming attacks, sleeping better, energy increased, less tension, greatly improved.”
Carol R. St Leonards, East Sussex

“Wished I’d come across the technique forty years ago.” Minimal reaction now to dogs that would previously trigger chest tightness immediately. Unaffected now any change in air temperature, this used to be a trigger. Great result!”
David R. Dover, Kent

“My energy has increased and my health has greatly improved. Everyone should have the opportunity to do this course to optimize their health & wellbeing”
Pamela F. Chislehurst, Kent

“Much calmer, less likely to panic, have stopped getting sleep apnea. No reliever for three months now, down to one puff preventer per day (from two to four), sleeping better, overcoming most asthma attacks, energy levels up.”
Vivien B. Wadhurst, Kent

“Stopped all reliever medication, condition greatly improved, less mucus production, clearer nasal passages, little or no coughing., sleeping better, energy levels increased” Dudley C. Headcorn, Kent “Very pleased with my progress, no reliever needed, no chest tightness, no rattles, no snoring and breathing better.”
Judy A. Ashford, Kent

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Understanding Asthma
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